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J A D I E  H I L L


Jadie Hill is a twenty two year old Vancouver born artist who translates her adventures, daydreams and observations of the feminine experience into a surreal body of oil works.


After one year at Emily Carr University of Art and design in Vancouver, She took time away from institutional learning to explore the boundless education of life on the road.


Throughout her time as an expeditionary artist, Jadie lived in the Sahara Desert in Morocco as an artist in residence painting murals at Cafe Tissardmine. She also created large scale oil paintings revolving around desert philosophies, politics, and her personal experience living with the dunes. 


Upon living with the Boushedor family in the Sahara, she had the privilege of studying Tashlahyit, Islam and the nomadic lifestyle and indigenous culture of the Amazigh people.


The following spring, Jadie travelled to the Darien Gap with the La Wayaka Current 2022 art residency to be a guest in the Indigenous territory of Guna Yala. She had the privilege to study the Kuna language and observe an autonomous province in one of the most unforgiving jungle environments on the planet.


Jadie currently lives in Montreal; she continues to explore social constructs of "femininity", vulnerability and abstracted human experience in her paintings.

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